Rules & Regulations

HOPE Volleyball Tournament Rules & Regulations

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Game on RAIN or SHINE!

General Rules

  • You must have FUN!  This is a charity fundraiser tournament
  • Participants must be 16years of age or older
  • All participants must read and agree to the online waiver, or sign a hardcopy and submit it on event day before playing
  • 6 players must be on the court, minimum of two women. 6-10 players per team roster
  • Game ball is provided by HOPE.  Both team captains can agree to use an alternate ball
  • Team captains to “flip coin” before game to determine choice of serve, receive or side.  HOPE may invoke a mid-game side change depending on court conditions
  • Game starts when horn is blown. 1 minute grace period from starting horn after which a default score is recorded (25-10)
  • Games are self-officiated (please play with good sportsmanship)
  • We reserve the right to modify the rules and playoff format; you will be notified of any changes prior to the start of the tournament or playoffs, respectively

 Playing Rules

  • General INDOOR volleyball rules (per Volleyball Canada Official Rules) apply including the items noted below or with the noted exceptions:
  • NO jump serving except in CompetitiveDivision
  • Volleys on service reception are legal
  • Maximum of five consecutive serves per player; teams must then rotate to the next server (n/a Competitive Division)
  • Beginners Division only: No downward spiking(where spiking is defined as a forceful hitting of the ball in a downward direction)
  • Open handed tips are legal
  • Any net contact is a violation
  • Teams must maintain rotation order and rotate clockwise
  • Re-serve if there is any interference eg. Stray ball rolling onto your court


  • Points are awarded on every serve (i.e. rally points)
  • Game ends at the earlier of (a) the sound of the horn/whistle (14 minutes) or (b) the first to 25 points and win by 2
  • Once the end of the game has been announced, do not serve the ball. If the ball is in play at that time, finish the play.
  • Tied games are allowedand will be recorded as such
  • The score for each game must be reported to the scoring tableby the winning team captain after each game. Team captains are responsible for confirming team scores prior to start of playoffs for accuracy.
  • Game results will be tabulated as follows:
  • Loss= 0 Points;  Tie= 1 Point; WIN= 2 Points,
  • Default = 2 points and scored 25-10


  • Once the playoff seeds are determined, the playoff schedule cannot be changed, even if an error was recorded by the scorers or the teams.
  • The intent of HOPE Volleyball is for everyone to have lots of fun. In that spirit, we have maximized the games played and opted for a shorter round of playoffs. At the end of the round-robin teams will be ranked by total points and then by for/against. The top 8 teams in each division (not court) will advance to the divisional playoffs. Should the top 8 not capture all of the teams with 12 points (i.e. teams that won all of their games) then a round of 16 will be added to the playoffs.
  • The structure of the playoffs for the Competitive division is to be determined.
  • We reserve the right to modify the playoff format and you will be notified prior to the start of the playoff round.


  • Please keep in mind that this is a fun tournament for charity.
  • Games are self-refereed.  Should a dispute arise, the team captains will discuss the situation. If they are unable to quickly agree, replay the point if time permits. You will not be permitted additional playing time because of a dispute.

 Cancellation Policy

  • Sorry, no refunds.  All proceeds go to charity.

Game on RAIN or SHINE!

Download a copy of the Rules & Regulations

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