Team List and Schedules

2017 Teams and Schedules

Teams and Schedules will be posted 1 week prior to the event date.

All players must register and sign the online WAIVER by August 17.

Instructions for your team schedule:

1)  Use the Team List sorted by Team Name or Team List by Captain’s Last Name to find your TEAM ID# and SCHEDULE #.
2)  Then open the appropriate SCHEDULE # (#1 – #4) below and follow the LETTER CODE that is in your Team ID#.
3)  The NET# (e.g. court#) where you will play all of your round-robin games corresponds to the NUMBER CODE in your Team ID#.

Example:  22E





Click below to find your team:

Team List sorted by TEAM NAME (pdf)

Team List sorted by CAPTAIN’s LAST NAME (pdf)

Download your schedule (pdf):

Schedule #1      Schedule #2  

Schedule #3      Schedule #4  

Tournament Rules & Regulations

Please note – schedules are subject to change. Your final schedule will be in the team kit when you check-in on Saturday morning.

Contact if you have any questions.

August 19, 2017 . Toronto Centre Island

9:00 am – 10:30 am – Team Check-in, Pick-up team kit
9:30 am – Warm-up
9:45 am – All Captain’s Meeting
10:00 am – First Games | Playoffs approx. @ 4:30pm

Note that there are numerous events on the Island plus construction and road closures around Queen’s Quay.  Plan ahead and allow for extra travel time to Centre Island.  You can now buy your ferry ticket online <click for info and FAQ>.  

Thank you and Good Luck!  See you on the Island on August 19th.

No outside alcohol is permitted.  We reserve the right to inspect bags and coolers for alcohol.

Follow the day’s activities on Twitter @HOPEvballTO and include #HOPEvball.

Game on rain or shine.


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