It’s ALL for CHARITY!  We raise awareness and funds for charities.

HOPE has carefully selected to partner with these two community champions to receive the HOPE CHARITY FUND for 2018-2019.  HOPE relies on your participation and appreciate the kind support of our donors, fundraisers and sponsors!  You can make a positive impact on the lives of your neighbors in the Greater Toronto communities.

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2018 Charities

REACH (formerly Reach for the Rainbow)

A navigation support system for participants, families, partners and social service agencies that facilitate inclusive recreational opportunities and respite time for those with disabilities ages 4 – 22.

Provides comprehensive in-take assessments for participants, specialized training of 1:1 support counselors (recreation and camp setting) to meet individual needs of participants, arrangement of accessible transportation and loan of special adaptive equipment (terra treks, harnesses, joggers, lifts, etc.).

Why REACH matters:

$40 = 1:1 child/youth support for half season of rec. programs e.g. swimming lessons
$80 = 1:1 child/youth support for full season of rec programs
$360 = 1:1 child/youth support for season of 3 hr. rec./sport programs
$680 = 1:1 child/youth support for 1 wk. at an inclusive camp in Ontario


For 50 years, provides 24/7 telephone support for community individuals in crisis requiring emotional first aid, face to face support, and counselling for people dealing with the effects of suicide and homicide.  Includes: front line delivered crisis, emotional support, suicide prevention and crisis prevention

Why 408 HELP line matters:
$70 keeps the 408-HELP line open for 1 hour;
$490 supports 1 session of the survivor of suicide loss support program = $40/mth. for a year



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